Los Cabos Municipality Review

Los Cabos municipality is located in the southern top of the Baja California Sur. It consists of two towns named as Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo and these towns are attached with beach properties and competition golf games. With a lot of real estate Cabo San Lucas is very attractive for investments. Till 20th century this area was very rural and remote. Later it was undertaken by the Mexican government and that government intimates the process of developing as a tourist attractions. Then after the great development this is extended east to the municipal seat. The main attraction of Los Cabos municipality is its climate and geography that is the dessert meets the sea. Along with this there will be many entertainments like sport fishing, golf and also many beautiful resorts are available for accommodation. This has been developed year by year and approximately more than two million tourists will be visiting this place. 

An overview about Cabo San Lucas and San Jose Del Cabo: 

San Jose del Cabo is one of the government and it has occupied about 3451.51 km2 area. This town is literally connected to the Trans peninsular highway which is the capital of La Paz. Though San Jose del Cabo is the government but the population was less compared to the Cabo San Lucas. The symbol of municipality for Cabo San Lucas is its natural arch which is placed at the land’s end. Apart from these two towns there are many communities available they are Colin del Sol, Las Verde’s, Colin Los Congrejos, San Jose vie-go and la Ribera. 

Cabo San Lucas is located about 20 miles far from San Jose del Cabo. This city was considered as more commercial compared to the other town. In Mexican towns there will be a cathedral or plaza but Cabo San Lucas has no such things. Instead this town was centered on the marina and also located with more entertainment district. Before developing this town was a small village and the people who are interested will do fishing for their entertainment. Later they started to construct high rise buildings and then it was limited. Now they focus only on resorts and roof top or sand top restaurants in the beach areas. The main attractions in these places will be fishing, nightlife and whale watching. There will be two main things happened on the October of every year they are spring break and Sammy Hagar’s birthday. Apart from this they concentrate on developing the restaurants in the city and Cabo Waco bar. 

Places to visit in Los Cabos municipality: 

  • In los cabos municipality you need to visit these places compulsorily:
  • El Arco de Cabo San Lucas
  • Cabo pulmo national park
  • Playa del Amor
  • Todos Santos
  • Mission San Jose del Cabo church
  • San Jose del Cabo art walk
  • Whale watching
  • Wirkutta botanical cactus garden
  • Diving
  • Outdoor adventure
  • Golf
  • Cuisines

These are the top most attractions you should never miss when you go for Los Cabos municipality. Plan your trip to these places for your vacation and have an enjoyable trip.